Windows Key shortcuts



W (on its own) – toggles Start Menu

W A  – Windows 10 notifications

W C  – Cortana speech prompt

W D (or M) – Windows desktop

W E – Windows Explorer

W H – Share content of current app

W I (as in item)  – Windows 10 settings

W K – Connect to wireless displays and audio devices

W-Lock device

W P – Project a screen

W R – Run command

W T – Cycle through open apps

W Q – Cortana


W X – Start menu

  • followed by U, then U to turn off
  • followed by U, then R to restart
  • followed by U, then H to hybernate
  • followed by U, then S to sleep

W Left, Right, Up, Down – Moves active window around screen. Left and Right snap half-size window to relevant side, Up and Down quarter-size to a corner. Once you have used Windows Key + Up to place it in the top corner, pressing that command again makes the window take up your whole screen. If you have hit Windows Key + Down to place a window in the bottom corner, hitting that command again minimizes the window

W F1 – Open Edge (for help via Bing)

W Ctrl + F4 – Close current virtual desktop

W Ctrl + Left or Right – Switch between virtual desktops

W Ctrl + D – new virtual desktop

W 1, 2, 3 etc – Open programs pinned to task bar

W , – Flash view of desktop


W Tab – Task View

W Enter – Open Narrator

W PrtScrn – screenshot of entire screen

W Space – Switch keyboard input language

Shift + Left or Right – Move Window between monitors